Thursday, July 17, 2008

Construction Update

To keep folks up-to-date on the progress of our new house in Nolensville, TN, Julie has graciously asked that I post some pictures.

Here we go:
This is the house before the stone was put on
(I believe that was the previous post):

I've taken several pictures of the garage during the progression. I think it really captures what is happening at every step:

This is the view from the kitchen looking back at the dining room, followed by the living room, and you can see the stairs. We love how the stairs will be hidden as people enter the front door:

This is the view of the upstairs master suite (our master is downstairs). And everyone knows what this means ... we can have guests, and they have their own space in the house:

So, we hope you enjoy looking at these pictures with us. We're very, very excited to have everything moving towards us all being together soon. And this house will make things easier. No more house fixing for a while!

Love to all!
-- Sean


Anna Maria said...

Hi there, not sure that you know that you've won my blog give-away! Send me an email with your address so that I can send you the fabric! Congrats on the house in Nolensville, you'll practically be a neighbor!

xo,Anna Maria

Amy G. W. said...

WOW! Somehow I missed that you were building! How could I not have computed such a very cool thing!!! I can't wait to use your master suite upstairs in November for Time Out for Women. hee hee hee

Briar Rose said...

HOpe your making that suite baby proof, can't wait to break it in for you. Looks great!

Sniper6587 said...

Thank you Sean. Hopefully Julie will let you put your car in the garage...if she leabes enough room after storing all her FABRIC!!!!

Teri Downs said...

Looks like enough room for some cousins from St. Louis

seangates said...

You folks are welcome! I'll be posting more pictures soon.

-- Sean

angie said...

I can't wait to see the sheet rock on the walls so that I can visualize it better. I LOVE not walking into a house and staring straight at stairs. I'm sure you'll LOVE it.