Friday, June 27, 2008


Aida on her back. The girls are taking swim lessons. They finish up the session today.

Fiona jumping off the board. She is doing so well. She is swimming in the deep end by herself. She is great backstroker and is doing really good learning her rhythmic breathing with her freestyle.

We went to the beach last Friday after swimming. I've never noticed this growing on Sunset beach before. I thought it was pretty.

Josie, Fiona, and Aida playing in the Sand. Josie is taking lessons at the same time as the girls. Josie's mom Shelley graduated with my sister Jennifer and I graduated with Shelley's sister Bobbie. Josie was spending two weeks at her Grandma's taking lessons. They've become fast friends.

My grandmie came to visit us last week for a few days. She is 82 this year. I think she is going to outlive us all! We had nice talk. She has had Whooping cough, mumps, measles,chicken pox, and rubella or maybe it was rhematic fever.(I'm going to have her clarify for me) Anyway, it made me glad for the advances in modern medicine. She can remember being on her porch at about five coughing her guts out with whooping cough. She said it was awful. I guess the doctor told her parents that she needed to move to a warmer climate. They moved to San Bernaridino from Willow Springs(outside of Alturus) and they rented chicken farm and her father worked at the feed shop. She would go visit her Aunt Sadie in San Diego and visit the zoo. Aunt Sadie was her grandmother's twin on her dad's side. I think I need to record her next time, because I want my girls to hear about her life and I want to make sure I get it right. Her mother was a dressmaker, she did all the fancy beading that people wore in the twenties. My Grandmother has her wedding dress that she made, I've seen it. I think she must have designed herself, and she was very petite, only 4'11.

Josie and Fiona

Champoeg-Family reunion

cabin we stayed in overnight

Emily, Tyler, Erin, Fiona and Aida
We went to Champoeg to meet Uncle Rod and Aunt Sandy's daughter Teri and family for the first time in addition we got to see Sean's family. It was great. The girls were excited to see family and meet some new cousins. I only have pics of some of the younger kids, because all the older ones went into Mike and Geri's to spent the night we were in town. (These are my some totally of our pictures) We also got to see Aunt Pat and Uncle Mike which was a great surprise. They came down from California to see Teri and her family. Aunt Pat used to babysit Teri and hadn't seen her in 26 years.

Tyler and Fiona- playing video game. Fiona really liked the game.

Uncle Rod and Aida. I love this picture. Aida really loves her uncle Rod.

Summer Fun and trip to the valley

We were in the Cemetery in Ashland where I have relatives buried. It is an older Cemetery that has beautiful old oak trees. Fiona and my mom in search....

My Great Grandparents. William and Myrtle Bryan. (My great great grandparents on my mom's mom's side) He was quite the wheeler and dealer from what my mom tells me. He traded a brand new home on the Los Angeles River for home and land in Ashland. Needless to say the home in Ashland was awful! But he put his family to work(brothers, cousins) on the land growing wheat and they didn't have to go to War.(first world war) He had promised his mother that he would take care of his brother on her death bed. He had way of making jobs and putting the family to work. They had construction business in LA and a chicken farm. He also was a engineer for the railrode in Ashland and did that for many years.

Aida at Lithis Park. This picture is so sweet.

Aida, she has such a fun personality. She is firecracker!

Lithia park in wading area. It was very cold! My parents and grandparents used to bring me to Lithia park as a little girl. We spent a lot of hot summers here. My mom lived behind the park as Until she was six and they moved into Medford. She showed us the house that she lived in that her grandfather built for her parents and where her grandparents lived with their homes. It was neat to see. I wish I'd taken some pictures......

Play structure at the park, it is made of rope and steel supports.

Aida is my adventurer. No fear.....

Inspirational flower picture.

Grandmie, Julie, Fiona and Aida. 3 generations of women in the Moyer family.

Grandma Judy, Aida and Fiona. This picnic spot at Lithia Park is one that every generation since my grandma Chastain has been coming too. There used to be small zoo with deer, I can remember as a little girl, but they've done away with it.

Duck pond that has probably been in the park since the beginning.

Female wood duck that Aida was chasing, had to put an end to that!

Long day, Gotta love those faces!

The Famous mulberry tree. My mother has a picture of her mother(Ethel Chastain) sitting under this tree in about the early 1900's during a fourth July celebration. I guess she ruined her white pary dress by sitting in the berries. Needless to say the tree is much bigger.

Camping overnight at the Valley of the Rogue. Fiona had great time collecting twigs and such for the fire.

Aida is asleep under the blankets in the tent. The tent wasn't big enough, so Grandma Judy and mom had to sleep outside under the stars! It got a little cold.

If your not familar with Lithia park is right near the Famous Shakespere festival in Ashland Oregon. We also visited Southern Oregon State College, as my mom had to meet with a state pers representive to go over her retirement papers. That's right my mom is retiring. She taught eighteen years at North Bend Junior High. She also found out on that day or later that week(I can't remember exactly), that she and fellow teachers got picked to present at the National teachers Science convention in November. They submitted a project that they do with the middle school kids that incorporates Science and English that studies and the Geology and the Oregon trail. Way to go Mom! We also got to meet one of her Master's adviser Prf. Stuart. He is studying a bird call at the moment(Can't remember what kind...) Anyway, he let the girls listen to his recordings. Ryan my brother in law would have thought it was great. He likes birding and is science teather, also.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

7 years old and living it up!

 From left to right- Angel, Isabella, Olivia, Fiona, Sean, Aida, Amoni.

Fiona's Birthday was the memorial Weekend and that was the weekend in which we were moving out of our house, so we did a special party with some of her friends.  They rode home on the bus had snack and then we were off.  They got pedicures(by the way that was a big hit!) then we went to Round table for pizza and presents and finally cold stone for ice cream.  It was added plus Sean was home for the weekend to pack and be with Fiona on her Birthday.  

(Look at those cut toes!)
She also had playgroup party with her church friends earlier in the week.
(We did play group with 5 other girls for two years twice a week.  We would rotate houses)  We went to Emma's house because they have  some property with horses.  They got to ride horses and run through the sprinkler and then we had snacks and ice cream.  Great fun was had by all.

She also had group birthday on her Birthday with her cousin Lily and Nana.  Aunt Tiana made the cake which took a great load off my shoulders.