Friday, June 27, 2008


Aida on her back. The girls are taking swim lessons. They finish up the session today.

Fiona jumping off the board. She is doing so well. She is swimming in the deep end by herself. She is great backstroker and is doing really good learning her rhythmic breathing with her freestyle.

We went to the beach last Friday after swimming. I've never noticed this growing on Sunset beach before. I thought it was pretty.

Josie, Fiona, and Aida playing in the Sand. Josie is taking lessons at the same time as the girls. Josie's mom Shelley graduated with my sister Jennifer and I graduated with Shelley's sister Bobbie. Josie was spending two weeks at her Grandma's taking lessons. They've become fast friends.

My grandmie came to visit us last week for a few days. She is 82 this year. I think she is going to outlive us all! We had nice talk. She has had Whooping cough, mumps, measles,chicken pox, and rubella or maybe it was rhematic fever.(I'm going to have her clarify for me) Anyway, it made me glad for the advances in modern medicine. She can remember being on her porch at about five coughing her guts out with whooping cough. She said it was awful. I guess the doctor told her parents that she needed to move to a warmer climate. They moved to San Bernaridino from Willow Springs(outside of Alturus) and they rented chicken farm and her father worked at the feed shop. She would go visit her Aunt Sadie in San Diego and visit the zoo. Aunt Sadie was her grandmother's twin on her dad's side. I think I need to record her next time, because I want my girls to hear about her life and I want to make sure I get it right. Her mother was a dressmaker, she did all the fancy beading that people wore in the twenties. My Grandmother has her wedding dress that she made, I've seen it. I think she must have designed herself, and she was very petite, only 4'11.

Josie and Fiona


Briar Rose said...

Sorry we missed the girls and you, but it looks like they are having a great summer. Glad to see the lessons are going well. Now you just need to get them surfing :)

The Moyers said...

WOW! Quite the adventures you guys are having. We can't wait to come and see you in a few weeks. It will be so fun to have Jacob and Titan see the girls! We look forward to seeing you!