Monday, January 28, 2008

Let it snow

I know I'm crazy, but I love it when it snows. I love staying close to home and playing in the snow with the girls, having hot chocolate.

So my wish is that instead of the dusting we have outside, we get a least a couple of inches. That there is no school and Fiona can hang out at home with us. That we can make snow Angels and have snowball fights, and rosy noses!

Sad news, President Hinckley passed away this evening. I was totally shocked and stunned by the news. I was not expecting it at all. His family was able to be with him, which I know was comfort for them and for him. He was 97 years old and had been the prophet for 13 years. He had a great sense of humor and was a very kind man. He served faithfully for the members of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ballet pictures

Some cute pictures of the girls at Ballet. I have some video that I want to put on of Aida, but I need to talk too Joe and Mandy because they have the method totally figured out with blogger, without using Utube.

Lurking about

We normally get the garden variety of dogs, cats, moles, birds, deer in Yes, its a big old Raccoon in our Driveway. Fiona Spotted it a couple of Saturdays ago. Of course, the girls were totally enthralled and and scared at the same time by it. Have you ever noticed that Raccoon's walk on their tippy toes?................


Baby blankets

PJ bottoms

The girls in there new bottoms with shirts from gymboree that were on clearance. Totally outfit cost about $5-6.( Have you guys priced pajama's lately-they are expensive! Around $12-14 at Target)

I'm a little behind on my blog, but I had some camera issues. That's my excuse and I'm sticking too it! My mom and I bought a bunch of Flannel really cheap at the Day after Thanksgiving sale at JoAnne's.( Of course we had to be there at the crack of dawn! But its tradition and we have lots of fun.) So, after Christmas we decided to work on some projects together. She got me hooked on baby blankets, I've actually made two more this last holiday weekend and two today. They go together pretty easily.
Last weekend, I went home and totally got inspired and rejuvenated. My mom and I went to the quilt shop in Bandon, had lunch looking across the Bay at Umpqua Bay Lighthouse and went to Cranberry Sweets Shop. These are some of my very favorite things to do. My dad watched the girls for me and totally made this possible for my mom and I to go and really enjoy ourselves. Grandpa Jim entertained them by building bonfire in the back yard and roasting hotdogs with them.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ginger Bread houses and Gumdrop Trees

Gingerbread houses, from left Aida, uncle Joseph, Grandma Judy,
Julie, andFiona.

Gumdrop trees, from left uncle Joseph, Grandma Judy(all red), Aida(behind red), Fiona.

Some fun little projects we did at Grandma Judy's house this last week. Fiona and Aida were loving it. We made the Gingerbread houses out of Graham Crackers. Tip for the future, buy the cheap Graham crackers because they don't break like expensive ones. The girls had so much fun maybe we will do a Valentine version of the Ginger Bread houses.

Todd and Crystal Wedding

Cousin Todd

Uncle Richard and Aida

Todd and Crystal

Aunt Connie's mom, Aida, Aunt Connie, Uncle Richard

cutting the cake

(Dec.29th) My cousin Todd got married Crystal on the Saturday after Christmas. We went down to celebrate in their happy Day. Of course, it was not without a little stress, as our engine lite came on on in our car as we were leaving Portland. It turns out it was our evaporation cannister(not sure what it does!) needed to be replaced. Thankfully our warenty covered it.
Aida and Fiona really like Aunt Connie and Uncle Richard. Aida is really fascinated with Richard's Beard. I think the picture of them is really sweet. Aida ended up sitting on the Aunt Connies lap during the wedding Ceremony. I hope she didn't mind to much. The Ceremony was really nice and we were glad that we were able to go.

Christmas Day excitment

It snowed on Christmas Day. We were all in wonderment over it. I thought these pictures of Roopali captured the excitement of the snow perfectly. Alas, it didn't stick!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Shout out to Aunt Sandy and Uncle Rod

Aunt Sandy, Aida, Uncle Rod

Fiona opening up her traveling paint set, which she carries around with her all the time.

Quilt Aunt Sandy made for Tianna and Ryan's new one. I love it- colors are great and the design is fun. I'm totally inspired. I wish my stuff wasn't all packed away in the pod.

Animal stamp set that both girls use. They love it!

Aunt Rod and Uncle Sandy are Sean's aunt uncle and the Girl's great Aunt and Uncle. (Sean's moms brother) They are very special people to us. We are so glad we were able to see them at Christmas as they reside in Baker City. We were able to visit them this summer in their new home and meet some of their good friends. I'm so glad that they have great group of friends and have lots of support since we can't be close by.

A few months ago I read a book called Lions of Mendina, which is a true account of the men who fought in Operation Medina. Rod shared his experiences in this book. I feel like he is one of the most couragous and brave men I know. I'm blown away by the way we Americans treated are Vietnam veterens, I hope we have learned lesson in this.

Biggest hit of Christmas Eve

Last year it sold out and we couldn't find one in the State of Oregon or anywhere else. This year saw it and got it good and early! Thanks Grandma Judy and Grandpa Jim. The love their Pink Reto Kitchen. Playing Resteraunt is a big hit! Fiona is Waitress and Aida is the cook.

Christmas Joke

Okay, so it all started with my brother Jared when he was about twelve. He was selling first aid kits for scouts, so he thought it would be a great Christmas for everyone, I mean everyone. He wrapped them all in different size boxes, by the end of the night we were laughing hysterically. One year my sister bought us all different talking stuffed animals and sent them to us. It was pretty funny. So this year, I decided to pull prank on my brother Joseph. He really likes white hats and I've gotten him some in the past, so this year I got him Oregon State hat and then asked my friend Joanne at work if she had any white hats(She is the accessorie developer Nike that I worked with.) She did and gave me bunch. I wrapped them up in different boxes and packages. Christmas Eve came and Joseph kept getting white hats, it was pretty funny. I think in all total he got 7 or8. I think he has his years supply of white hats!

Christmas Eve

Table set with my new dishes

Our family in front of the Christmas tree, just before dinner.


Aida, not really wanting her picture taken. This is the best out of about six. Someday she is going to have child just like her!

Getting ready to eat.(my mom is taking the picture)

(Dec. 24th, 2007)I know, its a little late but its been a pretty busy couple of weeks. The Best thing about holidays is that Sean was home. The girls and I were so happy. My family came up and spent Christmas at my house, since it was our year to spend Christmas Day with the Gate's side. I'm so glad they came because I was feeling a little sad, since we are moving(hopefully soon) and I don't know if we will make it back for Christmas next year.(Although, my mom informed me the grandkids were all coming next year!) We did our traditional Christmas Eve dinner with the table all done up. We have pretty formal traditions growing up, and I have fond memories and feel like it not really Christmas if we don't do them. Thanks mom for making great memories for me.
We had clam chowder and ham with mashed potoes, cucumber shrimp salad, Christmas jello, green salad, olives, etc. Doing Clam chowder goes way back to when I was little girl.
My mom got me Christmas China this year, we picked it out together and had a lot of fun going getting different pieces and different Macy's because each store had something that the previous store was missing or we didn't see on display. It is nice to have a mom who does special things for me. We were talking and she said her mother did the same and not to feel guilty about it and someday when Fiona and Aida are grown up I'll do the same.