Sunday, January 6, 2008

Todd and Crystal Wedding

Cousin Todd

Uncle Richard and Aida

Todd and Crystal

Aunt Connie's mom, Aida, Aunt Connie, Uncle Richard

cutting the cake

(Dec.29th) My cousin Todd got married Crystal on the Saturday after Christmas. We went down to celebrate in their happy Day. Of course, it was not without a little stress, as our engine lite came on on in our car as we were leaving Portland. It turns out it was our evaporation cannister(not sure what it does!) needed to be replaced. Thankfully our warenty covered it.
Aida and Fiona really like Aunt Connie and Uncle Richard. Aida is really fascinated with Richard's Beard. I think the picture of them is really sweet. Aida ended up sitting on the Aunt Connies lap during the wedding Ceremony. I hope she didn't mind to much. The Ceremony was really nice and we were glad that we were able to go.

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