Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break

Aida, Fiona, and Grandpa Jim at Sunset Beach

It was little chilly, but we managed to go on the one day it didn't rain. We met a family from New Zealand that was looking to move to the area. Have I told you that my children are not shy and will talk to anyone?!!
My Brother's(Joseph) Spring Break project for my mom. He dug out all the plants and put in back wall and front brick area with the rocks. It's taking shape. Fiona was out their helping him and earned $1.00 for being such a great helper to Grandma Judy and Joseph.

We also spent a day in Medford and visited Grandmie and Aunt Connie and uncle Richard. They made Easter baskets and hid eggs in the yard. We went and saw Cousin Brian's new condo. Very nice and yes, the Buffalo head has its own room!

We also did a little shopping and sewing. I'll post some pictures at a later date.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Egg Fun

Last weekend we were down at my parents, and the weather was nice, so Grandma Judy decided to do Easter Egg with the girls. They loved it. They dyed them and then took turns hiding them in the yard and finding them.

It kinda reminds me of the annual Easter egg coloring and hiding that we did with the Leslie's. We'd dye like 12 dozen or more eggs and then hide them in the yard. We didn't always find all the eggs!

My friend Amy............

My friend Amy came to visit the first weekend of March, well she actually came to see her sister, but staying with me was the added bonus. Amy's sister is married to my Brother-in-law. She set them up and they ended up getting married!(And this week Tiana will be having their first child, it's all very exciting!) I haven't seen Amy in about 2 and half years, so it was good to see her. My girls still remember her and were very excited about the visit. She brought her daughter Mena who my girls just wanted to mother.


I made these for my niece Haddie for her second birthday. (Feb.25th) I thought they turned out so cute! I also finished another pair of pajama bottoms for Aida and am working on pair of pants for her and a small baby quilt for my friend Dawnell. I'll have some more pictures in a week or so...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Random questions................

Random Questions to my daugher Fiona today who is six and in the first grade.

What is your favorite thing to do at school? Playing with Angel at recess.
What is your favorite color? Pink
Favorite food? mashed potatoes and croissants
What do you want to do today? Go ride my bike and go to the Beach
What do you like best about Grandma's Judy house? Seeing Grandma Judy and Grandpa Jim and going to the beach.
What do you like to do at the Beach? Playing in the sand and collecting stuff
What is your favorite Sport? Bad mitten and Soccer
Where do you want to live? North Bend
What is your favorite thing to wear? My coat
What is your favorite stuffed Animal? Ariel my Teddy Bear
What is your favorite thing about Ms. Shannon's Class? That our name is Rockin Polar Bear
What is your favorite Penguin? Emperor
What is your favorite Movie? March of the Penguins
What is favorite art project? Making a bug
Where is your Favorite place to go? Mexico

And my Daughter Aida who is four had this to say:

What is your favorite color? Orange
What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? Clean up
What is your favorite thing to eat at lunch? Spagettio's
What is your favorite stuffed animal? Pooh
Where is you favorite place to go? Mexico
What is your favorite cartoon? Mia and Miguel and Dragon Tails
What is your favorite thing to do at Grandma Judy's house? Play with her

Fiona is studying Penguins at school and is really getting into it. We had her parent teacher conferences and she doing very well. Her Teacher said that she is very kind and will partner with anyone she asks her too. She is also is doing awesome with her reading. She has caught the bug! She is a very strong First grader in her reading and Math.
I have to add that Peek-a-choo is alive and well at our house.....(Very popular with the first graders) Sometimes it is enough to drive her mother nuts!