Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Zoolights 2007

Monkey Ryan and Aida

The Train all lite up.

Aida, Fiona and Cousin Lilly on the train.

Aida and Fiona. I love Aida espression. It is so sweet.

Elephant square

Of course my pictures don't do it justice, but it was pretty amazing at he zoo last night. It's a tradition to go see the lights at the zoo. We've done it since Fiona was a baby. Every year it varies in who comes, but sadly Sean was not with us this year, but we had lots of extra help from our uncle Rahul and Monkey Ryan.
Aida and Fiona were totally enthralled as were cousins Lilly and Haddie. The Elephants were even out enjoying the lights and the people. I wonder if they can see the lights and sense a difference in the Air?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Pictures at Nana's house

It get a glimpse of there personalities in this picture.

We had showing yesterday before church, so I decided to take the girls over their grandparents to get some pictues in there dresses in front of the big tree. They were totally goofing off and being silly, so I think I was lucky to get a few good pictures! Thanks Nana and Aunt Roopali for your help.

Christmas Tree Adventure

Aida helping me find the perfect tree

Yea, we found it. A tree mom likes!

What a man! Sean is so happy that I finally found a tree!

We were in search for the perfect tree or at least I was! Part of the fun for me in the looking.(I take after my mom in that respect!) We went too three places in West Linn before I conseded to a tree on Shannon Lane. Fiona was very happy, as this is where she wanted to go all along. Did you know that most tree farms in our little town are closed on Friday and only open on weekends. I think that the trees are expensive, too. Our little tree was $40.00, although Sean informed me in Georgia it would have cost us $120.00. Next year I want a bigger tree that is real, so I guess we'll have to budget for it!

I grew up going out in the forest. We'd get permit to go on BLM property(free or about five bucks) and hunt for our own Christmas tree. Always a Noble. No Douglas firs for us. Of course, I always wanted the tree that was way to big.... Even though we'd get them to touch our ceiling. My parents have a very high ceilings. My dad would have to anchor the tree to the wall. It was very complicated, but exciting. Just seemed to be more excitment in air with the tree up. At night when all the lights were off and the tree was decorated and lit, it was always so pretty.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Wrapping Paper

Aida and her wrapping paper

Fiona wrapping paper

Fiona adding a little something to her ginger bread men

Fiona doing faces on the ginger breadmen and Aida helping.

Fiona is all about the crafts and projects. She loves to paint. I thought it would be fun evening of entertainment to make our own Christmas paper. Fiona had to do the Gingerbread faces and more. She totally inspires me! I love that she is creative.

Visit to Santa

Aida and Santa.

Fiona, Santa and Aida

A week ago today(Dec.3rd) we went downtown to Macy's to see Santa. There was no line, which has never happened to me! I always had to wait in long lines. So my advice is go when it is raining and Windy and the news is talking about a big wind storms that are coming. Aida just jumped right on his lap and just was so happy, but Fiona just did not want too and seemed a little upset by him. Not sure why, she has always liked Santa, especially since she was teasing her sister and cousin on way there about there not being a Santa. Maybe the guilt was kicking in....

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Birthday celebration

Elmo cake

Aida and Sean w\Elmo cake

Aida blowing out the candles

We go all out on our Birthday's at our house. Aida and Fiona have come to expect it.... We usually do a party with both sides of the family, sometimes we are able to coordinate and just do one, but it kinda fun stretching the big day out over time. I think cake and ice cream more fun to them then the presents. We started a tradition a couple of years ago that we do a cartoon cake, usually Sean does the decorations, but this I did it. (Sean wasn't feeling good) I have to say, it looks pretty good for having to improvise on some of the colors because of not having right color dye. Well, we were celebrating his birthday, too. (He spent his birthday in Atlanta the week before) Aida didn't mind, she loved having her daddy home.

I'd talked about doing a Tinker bell cake for month or so, but when it came time to get the cake mold- Aida was not wanting Tinker Bell but Elmo. So Elmo it was....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Aida's 4th Birthday

(November 21st, 2007)The day started out with Aida getting up and running around all excited saying today my Birthday. I'm four! She was so happy.

We headed down the coast to my parents, but stopped for picnic. Fiona and Aida love picnics.
Later in evening we had Boston Cream cake and ice cream at Grandpa Jim and Grandma Judy's.
Opened some presents and had re-light the candles many times as Aida was to quick for the Camera.

Mini Beach Vacation, Depot Bay

View from our back porch

Kite flying in Lincoln City. I think we were the only people on the beach. It was pretty chilly.

Another view from our back patio

Another of us flying a kite

Mo's the most famous place to get clam chowder at the Beach.

The girl's

Aida snuggling with Sean. She is so happy that he is home.

My gourmet dinner.

Fiona goof'in with mom

Another picture of the view

My parents used some of their bonus time too get us two nights at the beach in Depot Bay for our Anniversary and Sean's B-day. (During the Thanksgiving Break) It was a perfect gift. We had a great time. We got there on Monday evening and left Wednesday morning. We had great view and the weather was very chilly, but no rain. We swam in the indoor pool, went to the beach flew kites, hung out in our condo, went to the outlets, had clam chowder at mo's, and stopped briefly at the quilt shop. We had great time and were especially happy Daddy was home! The girl's hadn't seen Sean in two and half months.