Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mini Beach Vacation, Depot Bay

View from our back porch

Kite flying in Lincoln City. I think we were the only people on the beach. It was pretty chilly.

Another view from our back patio

Another of us flying a kite

Mo's the most famous place to get clam chowder at the Beach.

The girl's

Aida snuggling with Sean. She is so happy that he is home.

My gourmet dinner.

Fiona goof'in with mom

Another picture of the view

My parents used some of their bonus time too get us two nights at the beach in Depot Bay for our Anniversary and Sean's B-day. (During the Thanksgiving Break) It was a perfect gift. We had a great time. We got there on Monday evening and left Wednesday morning. We had great view and the weather was very chilly, but no rain. We swam in the indoor pool, went to the beach flew kites, hung out in our condo, went to the outlets, had clam chowder at mo's, and stopped briefly at the quilt shop. We had great time and were especially happy Daddy was home! The girl's hadn't seen Sean in two and half months.

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