Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Tree Adventure

Aida helping me find the perfect tree

Yea, we found it. A tree mom likes!

What a man! Sean is so happy that I finally found a tree!

We were in search for the perfect tree or at least I was! Part of the fun for me in the looking.(I take after my mom in that respect!) We went too three places in West Linn before I conseded to a tree on Shannon Lane. Fiona was very happy, as this is where she wanted to go all along. Did you know that most tree farms in our little town are closed on Friday and only open on weekends. I think that the trees are expensive, too. Our little tree was $40.00, although Sean informed me in Georgia it would have cost us $120.00. Next year I want a bigger tree that is real, so I guess we'll have to budget for it!

I grew up going out in the forest. We'd get permit to go on BLM property(free or about five bucks) and hunt for our own Christmas tree. Always a Noble. No Douglas firs for us. Of course, I always wanted the tree that was way to big.... Even though we'd get them to touch our ceiling. My parents have a very high ceilings. My dad would have to anchor the tree to the wall. It was very complicated, but exciting. Just seemed to be more excitment in air with the tree up. At night when all the lights were off and the tree was decorated and lit, it was always so pretty.


Heather said...

I completely think that the spirit of Christmas doesn't completely happen until the tree is up. I think we got our tree from the same place. By the Nielsen's, right?

angie said...

3 tree farms? I'm glad you found the perfect tree. My kids bus driver owns that lot on Shannon lane. LOVE Mr. Ed.

angie said...

Also so glad to see that Sean got to be there with you to find the perfect tree for your holidays together.