Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Birthday celebration

Elmo cake

Aida and Sean w\Elmo cake

Aida blowing out the candles

We go all out on our Birthday's at our house. Aida and Fiona have come to expect it.... We usually do a party with both sides of the family, sometimes we are able to coordinate and just do one, but it kinda fun stretching the big day out over time. I think cake and ice cream more fun to them then the presents. We started a tradition a couple of years ago that we do a cartoon cake, usually Sean does the decorations, but this I did it. (Sean wasn't feeling good) I have to say, it looks pretty good for having to improvise on some of the colors because of not having right color dye. Well, we were celebrating his birthday, too. (He spent his birthday in Atlanta the week before) Aida didn't mind, she loved having her daddy home.

I'd talked about doing a Tinker bell cake for month or so, but when it came time to get the cake mold- Aida was not wanting Tinker Bell but Elmo. So Elmo it was....

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Heather said...

That is the coolest picture of Sean and Aida. Aida looks completely adorable.