Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Have I been doing?

Fiona and her classmates on field trip to the pumpkin patch.

Fiona's Harvest party at school.

I've been asked,"What are you doing since you've stopped working?" One thing that I've been doing is helping out with Fiona's class a lot. I've been on several fieldtrips including one to the river where it just pored down rain.(My phone will never be the same!) We were soaked to the bone with coats on. To the pumpkin patch where they had pig races.(The kids loved it)
I've come to help out with some art projects. They did metal bugs using metal kitchen utensils, pans,etc with copper wire to go on the garden sign at school.( I take a picture and post it soon)
This week they did salt dough tide pool creatures. One day we made the creatures and the next we painted them. It is interesting to see how each kid does art. Some are quick and just do it, some are metaculous and slow, some are very colorful. It is inspiring me..... I have some fun things I want to do for Christmas floating in my head.

I've had a lot of fun helping and have to say I really respect Fiona's teacher. She is very calm and soft spoken with the kids. I've been to help a fair amount and I have yet to hear her raise her voice. They all seem to really love her and respond well to her. A day with 25 first graders and I'd be pulling out my hair by the end of the day! I think teaching is Ms. Shannon's true passion. I know that Fiona is in good hands and that is a comfort.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beautiful day to be at the Beach

Fiona standing over the tidepools

closeup of the tidepool

Another close-up

Fiona standing near the cliffs in front where the tide pools start

Castle that Fion and Aida and Grandma Judy built

I love this pictue of Aida looking out at the water

Fiona playing in the sand

Aida collecting wet sand for the building of the castle

Grandma Judy, Aida and Fiona

Fiona posing

The First weekend in November(2,3rd,4th) we went to my parents house for the weekend, for a much needed break. It is about a 4 hour drive. I picked up Fiona from school and we were on our way. The girls did pretty good on the drive down. We only stopped once! We went to the beach and had picnic and then played on the beach. It was beautiful day at the beach, no wind and warm. Going to the Beach is one of Fiona and Aida's favorite things to do. They can spend hours there! Of Course, Grandma Judy feels the same way. I felt very relaxed for the first time in long time. My dad was with us, but after eating he went to take a nap in the car.(He used to do this when I was little, too)

Fiona and I took a walk down the beach. The tide was out which was cool because Fiona is doing a unit on tide pools at school. She kept saying to me," Come on mom, I need to study these tide pools." She was so excited about the tide pools. It was neat to see her interest in them and just see how much she likes school.

My mom and I also managed to get a little shopping in. I really enjoy going shopping with my mom we have such a great time. I got some new shoes and we found some Christmas China at macy's for a great deal. We can't wait to use it on Christmas Eve.


"Nurse Fiona"

This pictue shows Fiona and Aida's personality. The love to goof off!

"Pirate Aida"
I know its a late posting, but better late then not at all. Fiona was a nurse just like her Aunt Heather. She admires her aunt a lot and always likes to spend time with her. I think Heather was pleased. Aida was a pirate, not quite sure where she got that idea... I would say to her,"What does Pirate Aida Say, and she would respond with "ARG"." (She'd grit her teethe and raise her sword) And then she would then laugh her head off! I got lots of complements on her costume, even with half it off. She kept taking off the eye patch, hat,etc.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I have computer! Thank you Joseph

All I can say is that I'm very happy camper today! Having gone without a computer for about two weeks. Ours finally died, we knew it was on its last days but I was hoping to eke it out until the move...(We did get a new mac in August, but Sean took with him to Atlanta. He told me it was for me, but I don't think so. His true intentions came out when he had to have it with him!) It is totally a pain not having a functioning one at home.

I went home last week for a much needed break and stayed in my brothers room. I first thing I spotted was his old laptop. According to my mom it had some minor problems, but if I could fix it I could use it. On my way home I stopped in Corvallis to drop off Joseph's shotgun(A story for another time) told him I was going to use his old computer and he kindly offered to fix it for me. So I went to Corvallis today to pick it up. The girl's and I had lunch and nice visit with uncle Joseph. We got to see his apartment and meet his roomates. His apartment was very clean, due to his roomates!

Fiona is learning how to add and subtract in first grade and kept asking him(Joseph) what is 20+20 and what's 1,000+1,000, etc and then Aida had to get in on it. What's 11+11+11+11? Fiona was in Awe that her uncle Joseph could give her all the right answers!

Thank you Joseph for letting me borrow your laptop and for saving Sean's skin.... By the way how did the clay pidgeons fair today? (ha, ha)