Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spur of th Moment............

Disney World here we come! Literally, we spent 24 hours in Orlando over President's day weekend. We decided to Jump in the car Saturday evening about 5:45pm and go. It is about a 10.5 hour drive from Nashville. A little crazy,but we had a lot of fun. The girl's were totally surprised, because we just kept telling them we were going some place fun. When Fiona read the sign, I thought her and Aida were going to jump out of the moving car! What a perfect Valentine Day surprise.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

News from the Hubby

This is Sean. Things have been really busy around here. I'll do my best to give a recap about what's going on.

Julie has been good, and has been able to to a bit of sewing with her mother. You saw the aprons they did before Christmas. All of them turned out great. Now they're on to their next projects: Easter dresses. Looks to be moving along quite nicely. Julie is also the Enrichment Leader for the ward. She's excited because it has ramped up and is now moving along.

I'm working a TON. Which, depending upon how you look at it can be both good and bad. The upside is that it's winding down a little on both ends, and I've been able to spend more time with the girls. My "moonlighting" job has been with a startup company (as many of you may already know) called TurnItUp Media. We just launched their website, http://www.turnitupmedia.com, and hope we can generate some traffic around it. So go register and start using the site!

Fiona is doing well in school. She really loves her class and school. We had a "Daddy Donut" breakfast last week where dads got to come to school and have donuts for breakfast with their children. Aida tagged along and it was great to see Fiona in her school environment. She's also doing really well in piano. She's been steadily getting better and enjoys the time she spends with her piano teacher. He really pushes her to accomplish her work. That reminds us ... she needs to practice!

Aida is doing well. She didn't go to school last week because she wasn't feeling well. But this weekend she's feeling a ton better. Which is good because it gave me more time to cuddle and play with her. She's also learning a lot about putting letters together and is probably ready to break into reading. She'll be entering kindergarten next year, and I believe she'll blossom as a big K-er. Plus, the school is right down the street!

So, we're doing well in the South, and welcome anyone to come and visit anytime!

Love to all.