Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Eve

Table set with my new dishes

Our family in front of the Christmas tree, just before dinner.


Aida, not really wanting her picture taken. This is the best out of about six. Someday she is going to have child just like her!

Getting ready to eat.(my mom is taking the picture)

(Dec. 24th, 2007)I know, its a little late but its been a pretty busy couple of weeks. The Best thing about holidays is that Sean was home. The girls and I were so happy. My family came up and spent Christmas at my house, since it was our year to spend Christmas Day with the Gate's side. I'm so glad they came because I was feeling a little sad, since we are moving(hopefully soon) and I don't know if we will make it back for Christmas next year.(Although, my mom informed me the grandkids were all coming next year!) We did our traditional Christmas Eve dinner with the table all done up. We have pretty formal traditions growing up, and I have fond memories and feel like it not really Christmas if we don't do them. Thanks mom for making great memories for me.
We had clam chowder and ham with mashed potoes, cucumber shrimp salad, Christmas jello, green salad, olives, etc. Doing Clam chowder goes way back to when I was little girl.
My mom got me Christmas China this year, we picked it out together and had a lot of fun going getting different pieces and different Macy's because each store had something that the previous store was missing or we didn't see on display. It is nice to have a mom who does special things for me. We were talking and she said her mother did the same and not to feel guilty about it and someday when Fiona and Aida are grown up I'll do the same.

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