Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Joke

Okay, so it all started with my brother Jared when he was about twelve. He was selling first aid kits for scouts, so he thought it would be a great Christmas for everyone, I mean everyone. He wrapped them all in different size boxes, by the end of the night we were laughing hysterically. One year my sister bought us all different talking stuffed animals and sent them to us. It was pretty funny. So this year, I decided to pull prank on my brother Joseph. He really likes white hats and I've gotten him some in the past, so this year I got him Oregon State hat and then asked my friend Joanne at work if she had any white hats(She is the accessorie developer Nike that I worked with.) She did and gave me bunch. I wrapped them up in different boxes and packages. Christmas Eve came and Joseph kept getting white hats, it was pretty funny. I think in all total he got 7 or8. I think he has his years supply of white hats!

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