Friday, June 27, 2008

Champoeg-Family reunion

cabin we stayed in overnight

Emily, Tyler, Erin, Fiona and Aida
We went to Champoeg to meet Uncle Rod and Aunt Sandy's daughter Teri and family for the first time in addition we got to see Sean's family. It was great. The girls were excited to see family and meet some new cousins. I only have pics of some of the younger kids, because all the older ones went into Mike and Geri's to spent the night we were in town. (These are my some totally of our pictures) We also got to see Aunt Pat and Uncle Mike which was a great surprise. They came down from California to see Teri and her family. Aunt Pat used to babysit Teri and hadn't seen her in 26 years.

Tyler and Fiona- playing video game. Fiona really liked the game.

Uncle Rod and Aida. I love this picture. Aida really loves her uncle Rod.

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