Monday, July 28, 2008

Construction Update - Cabinets!

Today was one that I had been waiting for, at least for a couple of weeks now. You'll see why below.

The first coat of paint is finally on. Several areas look kind of white, but that is because they were all white at one point:

I believe the mantle of the fireplace will either have something around it, or the hearth will be the whole length from the two trim pieces end:


My usual picture looking from the kitchen to the dining room, then the living room, with the master to the immediate right and the stairs on the right:

My usual loft picture:

The trap door to the room where I'll put the kinders when they misbehave (just kidding!):

My usual garage shot:

The master bathroom:

The upstairs (shared) bathroom:

The upstairs (private) bathroom:

The following four pictures are of rocks that I am asking the builder to keep in our yard for landscaping. Julie asked for pictures of them to decide whether I get to keep them or not. What's your vote? Large rocks in the yard for looks, or not?:

The three with pink on them (all in the middle and on the right; not the one on the left hanging out of the picture):

This one sparkled with some white marble in it:

I look forward to the next installment. I'm hoping it will be the second coat of paint and ... flooring. We're almost there!

-- Sean (the special new home building correspondent ... on assignment in Nolensville, TN)


Amy G. W. said...

I'm a HUGE fan of rocks in the yard. Tee hee, in fact, if some extra rocks just happen to be sticking around when we come visit... it wouldn't be such a BAD thing... ;-)

Sean Gates said...

And I hope that visit comes soon after we're in the house. :D I can't wait to see Phil!!! Miss that man!!!

Oh, and I miss you and the kids, too. ;-)

Sandy said...

Rocks go bye bye. Julie asked me to post this. Har Har Har.

angie said...

The the cabinets. We had those exactly maple shake cabinets (even the knobs were the same, only black) in our place in MA. I really loved them. Coming right along. Exciting.

NewHouseBuilder said...

Keep the rocks, guys!