Sunday, July 27, 2008

Depot Bay, July 13th and 14th

"The fam"
At Mo's in Lincoln city to have clam chowder and fish and chips. Our favorite place to eat on the coast. We left Sisters and drove to coast to spend the night before Sean had to leave to go back to Tennessee. We felt sad that he had to leave.

Our view from our condo on the beach. One of my favorite places to come on the coast

Lil' Black Sambo
We always drive by this restaurant and never stop. Well, Fiona got to pick where we were having lunch and this is where she wanted to go! The name of the restaurant is after the book Little Black Sambo that was written in 1899 by Helen Bannerman. My Grandma Chastain used to read the book to my mom.(she still has her book) My mom would tell me the story as little girl. She now tells my girls the story. Every night they want to Grandma to tell them about Little Black Sambo. If you are not familar with the story it is about a little black boy from India and his encouter with the tigers in the forest and how he outsmarts them.(They turn into tiger butter) It really is wonderful story.

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