Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fishing in the Ocean

My happy girls.  They are so happy to be going out in the ocean with Grandpa Jim.  We fished off of Cape Arago.  We could see the light house and the park from the distance.
Fiona taking the hook out of the fish
Grandpa Jim helping Aida reel in her fish.

Aida's first time in the Ocean was this last Wednesday. She has been in the boat for a ride jetty and on the lake with Grandpa, but never fishing, therefore a very big deal.( Fishing is favorite pastime for my dad)  The rule is you have to be five- Well, she is not quite five(in 4 months)  but the weather was nice and ocean was pretty flat  and Grandpa is big softie when it comes to fishing! It a big deal for my girls to go out with Grandpa Jim in his boat.  Aida did Awesome! She caught 4 fish and was having a great time.  Fiona loved it also. She had been getting pretty upset with Grandpa for not taking her on Monday and Tuesday.  She caught two fish and let one loose, so it could grow more.  Fiona is getting so independent, she was letting her own line down and reeling it in on her own and taking the hook off the fish(see picture).  I'm so lucky the girls don't get Sea Sick.  


Amy G. W. said...

I'm so glad that you guys are having so much fun with family. BUT I can't wait for you to finally be closer!!!

Amy G. W. said...

Why aren't you coming out until August? Are you still interested in Time Out For Women in November in Nashville? We can come as a family and then you and I go to the conference.