Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quilt show Tradition

This was our rental for the week. Don't you just love the front porch.
Sisters Quilt show is our special family tradition. I've gone for the last 9 years in row.
( It was started by Jean Wells and has just grown into something special. The last six years I've done the Quilters Affair class and ended with big outdoor Quilt show. Sean made a special trip out from Tennessee so that he and girls could be their at the end of the week. Fiona and Aida have gone every year of their life.

I took a hand applique class from Tony Phillips. She was great. This is her with one of her quilts. We worked on sample and then she talked about her design method which is a lot like mine and then we got to start our design......

This was one of her class samples also in her book. Hand-Appliqued Quilts
Whimsical Designs and Simple Techniques

My hand applique sample I did in class.

Wednesday we took a class from a Velma Newman. It was basic class using media on fabric. The painting was the best part. This is one of her quilts. It was pretty amazing. Although, she was selling it for $30,000!

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