Saturday, November 14, 2009

October 2009 Fall Activities

Hicklen Farm is down the road from our house. It is a family owned farm that dates back to the Civil War. I think that is pretty cool. My mom and I took the girls to get pumpkins for Halloween.

Fiona, Sean, and Aida getting ready for Trunk or Treat. We have Funky mood Girl, Soccer Player, Pink Fairy.

The girls working on their pumpkins.Sean spent a few ours on his pumpkin. He was pretty intense. It was pretty cool!(If you don't know already, Sean is Soccer Fanatic)

Notice the slug! Yuck!

Aida the Cooking Witch making cookies with Grandma. (Fiona was at her first Halloween party down the street.)

It was a little chilly this year, but the girls still had a great time. Everyone was out and we had such fun with our neighbors and friends. (Kellyn and I stayed home and passed out candy)

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