Friday, November 6, 2009

We named him......................

Kellyn(Kel-lyn) Sean Gates
Sean=God is Gracious

Here he is Sunday Oct.25th with his Sisters after church. We brought him home from the hospital later that evening.

Kellyn wrapped in the Gates blanket. All of Sean's siblings and now all of the grandkids have been brought home in this blanket.

Sean the proud Dad leaving the Hospital. In truth, I think he was just glad we finally named Kellyn and he could take us home.

The minute we got home from the Hospital the girls had to hold him. It is now a ritual to hold him before and after school.They are very loving with Kellyn.

Picture with the soccer blanket. By the way, Kellyn has soccer feet according to Sean. I'm sure he will do a post on this!

Sean trying to instill the love of chocolate at a very early age to Kellyn!

He is so sweet.

Halloween. 8 days old.


The Moyers said...

Oh....he is soooo cute! We can't wait to come out and meet him!

Amy said...

so very cute!

the jensen's said...

Oh my goodness, Julie. He is adorable! I wish I was there to meet him! Miss you guys... tell the girls I said hello! If they even remember who I am...