Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aida's Birthday

Aida was so excited for her sixth Birthday. Especially, since family was going to be in town. She kept talking on how many times she would get to celebrate and who was going to be their. We celebrated on her actually birthday by going to dinner at Olive Garden, which according to her is her favorite place. Uncle Rod and Aunt Sandy were able to go with us and then we opened a few presents.

The next day uncle Jared, Aunt Jill and Jacob and Titan arrived for their visit. So we did cake and more presents. She really wanted a Barbie cake. She talked about it for weeks. She even showed me the cake at Kroger. Well, I was able to have special one made for her that was better then the one at Kroger. She love it! See the little 6's around the skirt.

Aida loving her Birthday cake!

Aida and Jacob. She was so happy about getting a webkinz's from her cousins.

I don't have any pictures, but we also celebrated when Grandma Judy and Grandpa Jim and Papa when they came later in the week. Some new clothes, Up Movie and a Koala webkinz. I think we made up for all the years that her Birthday was overshadowed by Thanksgiving! She was a very happy little girl. Thanks to everyone who made her Birthday very special this year.

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