Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oregon Vacation-July12th-26th

After the Sister's quilt show, we headed back to my parents home. Where we cleaned, watered the garden daily, did swimming lessons, went to the beach, did some sewing and played with Fiona's Penpal Jessica.
The girls had swimming lessons at the pool every morning for a week and a half. Fiona was learning how do flip turns, and a little bit of stroke work. Aida is floating on her back on her own and a even stronger swimmer. Her next step is breathing to the side. The both love playing mermaids and sharks. I can't keep them on top of the water!

The girls helped Grandma plant and weed in the garden and earned some vacation money doing it. My parents have Rasberries and Logan berry patches in their yard and they just let the girls pick and do as they please with them. We made freezer Jam one day with Fiona friend Jessica. Fiona had a Penpal this last year with my parents neighbor granddaughter. Her Grandparents made arrangements for her to come and spend a week while Fiona and Aida were in town. They played every after for a week. I tried to have an activity for them to do every afternoon. We went to Sunset Beach, Shore Acres, made Jam, Made Necklaces, painted pictures.

The girls at Sunset Beach.

Fiona and Jessica at Shore Acres.
The Rose Garden at Shore Acres was gorgeous this year. I think it was the prettiest I've ever seen it.

We spent a few days up the coast a few days before we left Oregon. We went to Sea Lion Caves. It is the largest Sea Cave in the World. We also went to Yaquina lighthouse and walked up to the top light. It is still a functioning lighthouse.

View from one of the Windows on the way up.

The girls walking down the 172 steps after being at the top. I did it too!

Grandma and girls at the swimming pool in Depot Bay. Grandma really likes to take them swimming. I think it is her most favorite thing to do with the girls.

Aida posing- She is a little fish!

We also hit the outlet stores in Lincoln City and got the girls a few things for school. Then we headed back to my parents for two days where we got to see all the fish Grandpa Jim caught on his Canada trip. He caught a 1741b Halibut. That's about 80 pound fish meat! Uncle Paul and Uncle Joseph also showed up to help my parents do grunt work, so they can start some of their remodeling project. They spent Sunday afternoon entertaining and playing with the girls before we left on Monday morning.


Fleming Family said...

Glad you had a great time! Pictures of your growing belly are absent though...I think it's going to be a shock when I see you. :)

The Moyers said...

We love the freezer jam you left. I think we've eaten through at least two of the containers from the freezer. The boys can't get enough of it on their toast. Especially TItan who eats it straight off the top. THANKS!