Thursday, August 20, 2009

Faces of Aida

on her first day of Kindergarten.................
She insisted on riding the bus. She jumped right in and didn't need her Mama! She had no fear and was so excited that she was finally getting to go to school.

She didn't want to hold still for her picture!

Fiona and Aida waiting for the bus. The bus comes right to our front door.

Fiona is walking Aida to her classroom. I couldn't keep up! Fiona is a awesome big sister.
Aida is delighted to have Ms. Kuhn's for her teacher. This was Fiona's teacher for second grade, so it made it even more special for Aida as that is who she wanted!

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Heather said...

Love that series of Aida-Banana. Wished I could have talked to her longer today! Have her call again soon. Hope she starts feeling like a million bucks soon!