Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going Home!

We left for home Monday morning after spending spending the weekend getting ready to leave and dealing with Fiona not feeling good and Uncle Paul and Uncle Joseph coming home 24 hours before we left. Paul and Joseph were good sports and played with girls all Sunday after church. They had such a great time and of course Fiona loved it because they like to play games!(uno spin, mexican domino's, etc) We headed to Portland to spend sometime with Family. The only glitch is that Fiona was not feeling well and I ended up taking her to our old Doctor when we got in town. She had a really bad evening and night before and I knew something was definitly wrong. She ended up having an ear infection. ( I originally thought it was swimmers ear, from swimming under water so much!) Anyway, we got that cleared up and she was able to get on some antibodics and go back to her Grandparents house to play with the cousins and spend time with the Gate's side. I had plans to drop in and visit some my friends at Nike, but that kinda got pushed to the wayside because of Fiona trip to the Doctor, I was a little sad about that. My sister-in-law Heather got some good shots of the cousins playing together.(July29th posting) It of course was stinking hot and and Monkey Ryan was good sport and played in the pool with them. We left early that evening to drive to Baker City spend a day or so with Uncle Rod and Aunt Sandy in Baker City. We kept it very low key. We got to pick Rasberries and green beans and just hang out and rest. We got to see the new renovations on their house. I was so impressed!

Rod and the Girls watching Disney together!

Rod drove the girls around in his hot-rod! They loved it! He was a good sport! Next time they want him to take them to the Mountains in it and you know they won't forget!

From Baker City we went to Pocatello and then on too West Yellowstone, with a quick stop in Rexburg. I went to school in Rexburg about- well lets just say a few years ago! It has changed so much. It isn't a small town anymore!

Yellowstone was amazing, we only were able to spent about two days and that wasn't enough time! We will definitely be going back. We saw lots of animals and natural wonders. The girls loved it. We at one point had to wait for the Buffalo to cross the road! Yellowstone was the first National park ever created.

One of the first things we saw at the Park!
About a quarter of the Buffalo herd we got stopped by. It was pretty amazing.

Artist viewpoint( 3 waterfalls different levels)

Dragon's lair (it was noisy) This was my favorite!

The Girls at the Painted Pots.

Yellowstone in know for its "Old Faithful" Geyser that goes off about every hour and half. Fiona loved and had go see it go off several times. We had a great time!


Heather said...

Everything looks amazing! But mostly glad you made it safely home.

Fleming Family said...

Look at that awesome baby belly! When are we going to get together? This homeschool thing is putting a damper on my daytime social routine! :) Miss you, and you only live 3 miles away!