Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trip update............

We are in the middle of our Road Trip to Tennessee. I thought I'd share some pictures of some of the things we've done and family we've seen. We are Spending a few days in Denver with my Brother and his family.(We got here Sunday night) Our first stop was Portland,Ore where we had barbecue with Gates side of the family. Second stop was Baker City to stay the night and spend a day with the girl's great Aunt and Uncle. Aunt Sandy took us to the Baker Heritage Museum. Which was awesome. They had a lot old quilts,( which I loved) Rock collection,(which had the glow in the dark rocks), old equipment, Rooms that were set up with time period clothes and furniture. At one point Aida was looking at a mannequin that was all dressed up in period clothes and their was a women standing next too her that she was talking too. (My daughter is not shy) The following is the conversation that the women shared with me at the end of our visit. She thought it was pretty cute. The women said to Aida, " isn't she pretty?" Aida responded," yes, she lovely and she has prince waiting for her."

Aunt Sandy with the girls at the park after our visit to the museum.
The big attraction. The cow. Fiona and Aida kept feeding it and mooing to him. The loved the cow, to bad it is going to be hamburger in the fall! In fact that is Uncle Rod nickname for it.(Hamburger) The girls though he was wonderful. With all the mooing going on, it sounded like we were on a farm.

Aunt Sandy and uncle Rod. We had dinner with their group of friends and had great time. (Richie, Kelsay, Nancy, Irv, Paulette, and Keith) We spent some time with them last summer and girls loved seeing them again this year. From Baker City we drove to American Fork to stay with Evelyn Leslie for couple of days. I grew up with the Leslie's. Our families did a lot together.

Evelyn and Judy at Mt. Timpanagouh Temple. It was very close to the house. Evelyn is Temple worker their twice a week.

Girls at Temple Square.
We went the church History museum(free by the way) the girls loved it. Visited Temple square and went into the Visitor center on Temple square. Fiona and Aida were in Awe of the Christas of Christ. Their eyes just lit up when they saw it.

Girls in the Tabernacle. They had exhibit at the museum on the Tabernacle on the construction and other info and Fiona was really enthralled by it.

Next Stop Vernal Utah. Utah Field House State Park Museum. It was great Museum and very interactive.
Next stop Rocky Mt. national Park. The Girls kept asking,"Are we on top of the World."

Fiona and Aida in the Park. It is very beautiful scenery. Although, the one sad thing is that the Lodge pole Pines are being killed by a beetle and so you see hundreds of trees dieing in the lower elevations.

We're having a great visit in Denver. The girls are having a great time playing with their cousins Jacob and Titan. We've spent the last two days at the water park. Tomorrow we are going to the Denver zoo to see the Polar Bears.


Sandy said...

What an awesome travelogue. And a memorable journey. Tell the girls cow says hello.Sandy

The Otis Family said...

Julie--Your girls are beautiful. I loved to hear of your travels. I doubt it'll ever happen but if you're ever traveling though Louisiana give me a call.

The Moyers said...

We wish you guys could have stayed longer. Jacob and Titan miss the girls. Have a safe trip home!! The house is looking great...can't wait to see final pictures.

Amy G. W. said...

I see that your mom wrote "have a safe trip home" HOME! Can you believe it? AAAHHH so exciting. And I can't WAIT to visit you on my side of the world!