Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monday Aug.11, first day of second grade

Fiona's first day of second grade at Nolensville, Elementary. She was so excited! She could barely sleep the night before and was up first thing. She went right into class found her seat and wanted me to leave! On Tuesday morning she wouldn't even let me get out of the car! Mom I can do this, I don't need you to come in. She is getting very grown-up. Mrs. Kuhns is her teacher and she has 18 other classmates.

Her teacher is making a big deal about the Olympics. Which is totally cool. We've been watching them a little each night. I think it is very Patriotic.


angie said...

I can't believe that she's in 2nd grade already, AND that she's back in school!

Briar Rose said...

I am soooo Happy for her, she will do great and I am glad they let her get going after all that trouble. What fun! How about lil' Miss Aida?

Amy G. W. said...

Yeah, Fiona! I'll be calling today about the trip. Sorry, it's so hard to make contact since mornings are my time to call and that doesn't work for those PDT people. But now you're a EDT person, just like me!