Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bat City

Nashville is known as "Bat City"
Or at least that is what Aida insists. The At&T building is the Batman building. The girls loved this building everytime we go to Nashville they get all excited about seeing it.
Angie at angiecircus was asking how Aida was doing, so I thought I'd share some highlights. This is her on Fiona's first day of school. She loves to pose! She loves Fiona's school and has been very sad she is not going. After a week of searching, I was able to get her in a program at Saint Ignatuis. There are a lot of MDO(Mothers day out) programs, almost every church has them here in Tennessee, but not all of them are structured preschool programs. I felt very lucky to get in this program it comes very highly recommended and has a structured program. (They had a waiting list, but made a exception because we just moved) We went and visited Monday with program coordinator and Aida was so excited. She starts next Tuesday. It is two days a week for 4 1/2 hours each day.

She also took off with her swimming this week. She is on fire! Watch out Michael Phelps!


Fleming Family said...

hey girl! wanted to leave a comment so you knew where to find us! :) I'll take a peak at everything you've been able to post (apparently you wrangled Sean finally) tomorrow...need to go to sleep!!! AHH.

Amy G. W. said...

Wow, I called Jacob over to watch the video. He really wanted to learn how to swim underwater this summer but our swimming us cut kind of short. So I called him over to watch your video. He said,"Whoo, hoo, Aida's doing great!"