Monday, October 18, 2010

And some more..........

Summer highlights.  Visiting the aquarium with Grandpa Jim.

Swimming. Lots of it! We even managed to so swimming lessons.
Going to South Dakota.  We flew to Denver at the end of our Oregon trip and took a family trip to Mt. Rushmore. (It is about a six hour drive from Denver to Keystone) Here we are at Reptile Gardens, with a tortoise that is 129 years old!
Bear Country.
I was a little nervous about the Bear sniffing at the car door! 
We were so glad that Sean was able to meet us, as he doesn't have much vacation time.  We had so much fun!

The  extended family at Bear Country. 

Growling like Bears!
Mt. Rushmore, It was amazing!  What a work of Art and dedication of Gutzon Borglum.
The Needles, the scenery of breath taking, but Narrow.

Custard State Park.  Stopping for a Picnic and some fishing.(A favorite pastime of the Moyer's)  There were lots of animals to see and sadly did not get any good pictures of the Buffalo herd because it was dark when we got stuck in the middle of them!
They were able to feed the mini Burrows that roam the park.

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