Thursday, January 21, 2010

Growing Up

It struck me the other day how grown-up Fiona is getting. She loves to cook. So, I've been letting her do some things on her own in the kitchen. Over Christmas break she started making peanut butter cookies on her own and was having Aida help her. She had gotten out the cookbook and picked a recipe. I noticed what was going on probably about half way through, and to be honest I was extremely tired having been up a couple of times the night with Kellyn, so didn't say anything and let her finish. She did Awesome! She has also made pancakes a couple of times all on her own. Last Sunday, she helped with making breakfast, she did scrambled eggs, sausage, and muffins.

Of course, she wanted whip cream and chocolate chips on the pancakes!

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The Otis Family said...

Send her over here. I'm always wanting help. Nate is pretty good but I am not very patient. Eggs are his speciality. Unfortunately, his mom hates baking so he doesn't get very many chances for that.