Friday, December 11, 2009


I've been absent, understandable, since I have had a lot of visitors(3weeks plus) and and a newborn. Please forgive me! I'll try and be better. Although, lack of sleep does and nursing has turned my brain to mush!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving my neighbor volunteered to take family pictures in field near our house. This is one of my favorites with the girls.

My parents with all their grandkids.
Sean and his dad with the kids.

Sean with Kellyn. I've been told he beams when talking about Kellyn!

Us. The family....

Miss Fiona. She was hamming it up. It reminded me of when she was about 5 wanted to get her picture taken!Aida and Fiona. They are my sweet girls.


Cousins. Jacob and Titan. Check out Moyer Mayhem for more pictures.

My neighbor also took some pictures of Kellyn for me when he was about 3wks old.(Nov.16th) These are some of my favorites.


Briar Rose said...

What a beautiful family. Hope your planning on sending us copies!
Don't worry about not posting- mine still on 4th of July :)
I promise to get better too!
Give kisses to that beautiful boy and gorgeous girls for me.

The Otis Family said...

I LOVE those pictures. I wish I had a neighbor like that. You look great. Who would have thought you'd just had a baby. I hope the sleeping gets better. Enjoy the holidays.

Ashley said...

What awesome pictures! Your family is so beautiful. I miss your girls! Wish I could see little Kellyn. :)

Fleming Family said...

Those are great photos! I love the new born pics of Kellyn! I'm such a bad friend! I think about you so much, just never get that call in to you. Ya know, when life takes you in different directs the sad part is when friendships lose some fire! I miss you, my friend! We're only 3 miles apart, and I miss you.
Side note: I think I have a cutting block I have to bring back....what a great excuse to come see you!