Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pretty Nails

The girls and I went and had a manicure and pedicures on Friday. Fiona and Aida's first time every to go and get them done professionally. Aren't the flowers cute? It was so much fun. Aida didn't like that she had to sit still while the nail polish was drying, but other then that it went great. Fiona has done very good and hasn't chipped or bitten any of her nail polish off. She can't wait to show her daddy. We are going to Tennessee tomorrow to see Sean and check out where we are going to be moving. Hopefully, soon. We are having a lot traffic through the house and have had a couple of offers fall through this week. We just need to get the right person through and I have faith it is going to happen soon!

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Briar Rose said...

Love the picture. Love the flowers, maybe next time we will all go for a girls day out.
We will miss you this week, Have a ton of fun.