Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break

Aida, Fiona, and Grandpa Jim at Sunset Beach

It was little chilly, but we managed to go on the one day it didn't rain. We met a family from New Zealand that was looking to move to the area. Have I told you that my children are not shy and will talk to anyone?!!
My Brother's(Joseph) Spring Break project for my mom. He dug out all the plants and put in back wall and front brick area with the rocks. It's taking shape. Fiona was out their helping him and earned $1.00 for being such a great helper to Grandma Judy and Joseph.

We also spent a day in Medford and visited Grandmie and Aunt Connie and uncle Richard. They made Easter baskets and hid eggs in the yard. We went and saw Cousin Brian's new condo. Very nice and yes, the Buffalo head has its own room!

We also did a little shopping and sewing. I'll post some pictures at a later date.


Briar Rose said...

Finally an update. See we really do read your blog :)
Sounds like you had a great time.

seangates said...

Looks like the girls had fun, and Joseph had a great time "working" on his spring break. :-)

I can't wait to see you and the girls in 6 days!

Love you!