Wednesday, October 24, 2007

House updates



other side of Kitchen

Girl's bedroom

Dining room view from front door

Living room view from dining room

Living room from front door

Rae Lundberg approached me at church two weekends ago and said, "you've been on my mind" Not sure why, but I've been in a similar situation with being left behind to sell a house. I've done some interior Design. If you'd like me take a look at your house, I'd be happy, too." Give me call this week if your interested." ( I must of given her a puzzled type look) After thinking about it, I thought, " What do I have to loose..... Nothing!" Plus I knew It could look a lot better. So I gave her a call on Monday morning and we got started that day! She took a look at the house and gave me some pointers, then we moved furniture,etc. I continued working on it Tuesday and Wednesday she came over and we went shopping for some accesories and then came back worked some more on the living room and dining room. It looks so much better then it did! I don't have a picture of Jennifer's room, but we moved the TV, Stereo and a bookshelf in their and it is know the entertainment room. I move out some the metal shelving in the laundry room and hid it. Ha Ha If you want to know where, you'll have to come to my house and try and find it.... and finally Mike (Father in'law) helped me replace the Microwave to black.
I knew some of the things that Rae pointed out, and learned some new things about interiors. I think it was really helpful to get someone opinion and help that knew what they were doing. Sometimes look at the same things over and over makes it blah for you.

So, Can you guess my favorite accesorie that I added?


seangates said...

The house looks great! I can see now how it all came together and I think Rae was a total blessing.

Miss you and the girls tons!



Heather said...

Is it cheating if I guess which new accessory is your favorite? Seeing as how you told me?