Thursday, October 20, 2011

Summer 2011 Highlights

So, I thought you might enjoy some highlights of our summer.

 Fun at Sunset Beach with some friends.

 Kellyn trying to ride the Bike at Eagle Crest.  ( He loves all things that move or have buttons!)

 Picking Raspberries at Grandma Judy's

 Grandma's new patio.  We were happy that the remodel was in it finishing stages this summer!  By the way the house looks amazing.

  Spending time with family in Colorado

 Kellyn eating a Arby' s Burger.  It was his first.   Totally, made me laugh.
 Quilt show.  Sister's Oregon

 Allison and Wonderland themed Quilts at the show.  They were fun!  Girls really liked them.

 For the First time Nana, along with Aunt Ti and Aunt Michelle came for the day.  

 Sally and I.  We took a class together seven yrs ago.  It was of my first classes I took at Quilter's affair.  I was actually 5 months pregnant with Aida that year. She was helping out in the kid's booth this year and helped Aida and Fiona.    So it was fun, to see her

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