Wednesday, July 15, 2009

May\ June\ July 2009 Happenings

Fiona's 8th Birthday. We did cupcakes with the neighbors and played games in the yard.

Adventure Science Center with Grandpa Jim, Grandma Judy and Grandmie. They all came out a few days before Aida dance Recital and Fiona's Baptism. We went to the planetarium and do the Space activities.

Morning of June 13th started off with Aida's Dance Recital. She was wonderful, except for not getting to watch the others dancers- Which upset her greatly!

Family picture minus uncle Rory and Aunt Michelle and Gavin. Gavin was done with the dancing!

Fiona's Baptism June 13th. What a Special Evening. I can't believe she is already eight!

Fiona and her dad. Grandma Judy made her Baptismal dress. It is a special tradition as she made mine when I was a little girl.

"Our little family"

Sean and Fiona with Nana and Papa.

Geri (Nana), Rory(Uncle), Michelle and Gavin(Aunt and Cousin),Sean(Dad), Julie(Mom),Mike(Papa), Pattie(Grandmie), Judy(Grandma), Jim(Grandpa)
Lilly(Cousin), Fiona, Aida

We left for Oregon about a week later, baring a minor set back with our car, but it all worked and ended up taking the Durango. We spent few days in Denver with my brother Jared and his family and got to see my brother Joseph and Uncle Paul. Check out Moyer Mayhem, I didn't do a very good job getting pictures!

We finally made it to Oregon and Grandma and Grandpa house in North Bend. I think it was the thought of going to the Beach that kept the girls going on the last day and half. The first thing we did when we got in town was go to Sunset Beach. I didn't realise how much we missed the Beach this last year until we got here! It was a beautiful day.

We went up to Portland pick up Sean and spend time with the Gates side of the family for the 4th of July weekend. Fiona got to spend the night with her friend Angel that first night we were in town. They picked up without a beat, like they'd never been apart.

Monkey Ryan with the girls on the 4th. We had Picnic and fireworks at Willamette Park in West linn. Yes, and we can't forget Sean got his iphone!

All the Cousins- Lilly, Haddie, Aida, Quinn, Cooper and Fiona playing in the water.


Amy said...

Welcome back to the blogospere! I've missed you! So glad you all are having such a good time.

Love ya!

The Otis Family said...

Thanks for the update. I would have loved to go to Sunset beach. It's been a decade or more since I've been to Oregon. Still looks fabulous.

Fleming Family said...

Julie, it looks like you are having a blast! I am so happy!! Enjoy the rest of your time and know that we are anxious to go swimming with you all when you get back! We've got 3 "swimming" now! Phew! ;) Enjoy the beach a bunch for us!!