Friday, October 31, 2008


Fiona the Glamour witch and Aida the Fairy Princess all dressed up

Fiona helping Sean get his costume together. Both girls thought it was cool that Sean was dressing up with them!

Our neighbor Pretti and her son Deridge were are first tricker treaters.

Abbie our neighbor with Aida.( They live a across the street from us, the girls will be going to Kindergarten next year together.)

Halee and Fiona, or should I say Dorthy and glamour witch!( Halee lives down the street and the girls are good friends and are in the same class)
As you can tell they really get into Halloween here! Check out the floats that we saw in the neighborhood. Most houses had decorations and people sitting the steps handing out candy. I've never seen so many people in my life really getting into Halloween and I've never seen so many trick or treaters!(I am not kidding you... I wish I had picture to show all the people.) We had so much fun, in fact I think this was one the most fun Halloween's we've had. We kept running into neighbors and friends switching off who we were trick or treating with. We handed out three hundred plus pieces of candy. The girls ended up with two buckets full of candy!

The Fleming boys came and joined the evening festivities at the end of the night. We watched a movie and ate lots of candy!


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Fleming Family said...

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