Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thighs of Thunder

Lately, I've been getting a workout going up and down the stairs packing up boxes. You'd think I might have thighs of thunder and Abs of steel after doing it for three weeks, well not really. I'd like to think so! Having stairs is like having your own built in tread mill.

Life is busy here in Tennessee. In the last few weeks Fiona and Aida started Ballet\tap\Jazz. They are loving it, especially Aida. Fiona has also started Piano lessons and she is showing great potential. They both love riding their bikes around the neighborhood and making tents in the yard with playmates. Aida is absolutely loving preschool, especially her Spanish class on Wednesdays. Every morning she wakes up and asks if she can go to Spanish class. I think she may be my linguist! Thursday night started a run on gas in Nashville. No gas to be found at any stations in the area.(I'll let Sean do a guest post on this) We went to Fiona's first school PTA function on Friday. It was a hoe down. We did barbeque, dancing, and wanted signs. Hmm, a good time was had by all.(No, we didn't drive we rode are bikes)
I'm still working on unpacking, although we made some progress this week. I still have some to go. (Okay, not some a lot!) I'm having too much fun hanging out with Allison. Logan(her son) and Aida play pretty well together so we like to go shopping and chat,etc. It is nice to have a friend who is going through similar experiences and adjusting to new place like I am.
Sean's been working a lot, and when he isn't he is spending time with the girls and he's helping me out as much as possible. He finished putting together the girls side tables this weekend. It was so awesome to watch him turn putting together side tables into a learning experience for our girls. He is so patient with them. He is such a great teacher and father.

Oh, and I'm we're having our first official guest this week and boy are we excited! We have some fun things planned, so stay tuned.


The Otis Family said...

It's so much fun to put a house together the way you want it but,holy cow, the work involved can be exhausting. I'm waiting to hear why no gas?

The Moyers said...

even though you're not totally unpacked, it looks like you are having a great time! The girls seem to be adjusting well and loving the new experience! We love you!!

Mike said...

Sounds like the great adventure is going just fine. These will be the best years because they come at a time when Fiona and Aida will be able to agree on what they did in the past. Plus, new things always make a deeper imprint.

Love you all.
Papa Mike