Saturday, May 17, 2008

This is for you, Honey!

Living room

TV Room

Sean was asking what our house looked like after I unloaded the pod.  Its not to bad.......!  We've had pod sitting in our driveway for about 9 months.  We took everything out of the attic before Sean left for Atlanta because the movers would not go into the attic. I also decluttered my house to put in on the market.  So, things have changed and we have to move are selves to Tennessee.  So, I unloaded the pod with some help from my friend Susan and called my father-in- law and brother-in- law Ryan to help me with the heavy stuff.   A big Thank you to them and to my neighbor Rochelle and my visiting teacher Katie who each took Aida two morning last week to help me. We are getting a trailer dropped off on Wednesday to load and Sean will also be home that night late to help.

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angie said...

You are going to be so missed!